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have 30 seconds? This is what you need to know today about the Zika virus.

Saturday, August 6

The big news at this time

  • Florida took a step closer to the release of mosquitoes GM as a way to combat Zika ( STAT )
  • the FTC has sent 10 warning letters to vendors to make questionable claims about anti-Zika assumptions ( products FTC )
  • Florida identified a new case unrelated to travel Zika infection in the epicenter of the current outbreak ( Health Department Florida )

today forced [19459009reading]

  • Now that the local transmission of Zika virus has hit the US, Congress should stop playing politics and provide funding ( STAT )
  • Why the development of a Zika vaccine is likely to be a slow slog ( Quartz )
  • in Recife, Brazil, medical professionals and advocates health of women rally around children born with this related Zika, and their mothers ( Huffington Post )
  • Puerto Rico is getting hammered by Zika, but it seems too concerned residents ( CNN )

on the lips of people

“we’ve gone from zero Zika get specimens to get hundreds a day.” – Dr. Jennifer Rakeman, head of the hunters Zika New York City. ( Wall Street Journal )

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Friday, August 5th

The big news in this time

  • a survey of STAT-Harvard found most Americans favor allowing late-term abortions in cases where a pregnant mother is infected with Zika ( STAT )
  • President Obama urges Congress to approve funding Zika ( STAT )
  • Three vaccines Zika independents have demonstrated efficacy in monkeys ( NBC )
  • with the Olympics here Games, there are plenty of bikinis, but not a mosquito in Rio ( STAT )

I dare you to wear this

Bibilab Japanese firm has designed a suit Zika is essentially a network from head to foot to keep users mosquito bites. The team makes the user as if he or she is surrounded by a force field. Bibilab says that while offering protection, it will not offer 100 percent protection. ( Daily Mail )

On the lips of people

“We have bigger mosquitoes to crush Zika -. As ISIS, the national debt, Iraq and Afghanistan We have a . wall built to keep out illegal We have so many other issues that are more important than this. “- Juan Fiol, vice president for Miami-Dade campaign for Donald Trump. ( Daily Kos )

must-read today

  • Pregnant women in the epicenter of the outbreak of Zika Florida are not able to avoid the area, placing them on the edge ( AP )
  • the virus has caused those who want to become pregnant to delay or change their plans otherwise ( CNN )

Thursday, August 4

The big news at this time

  • The prosecutor general of New York is cracking down against seven vendors for allegedly deceptive marketing of insect repellents related Zika ( STAT )
  • The CDC issued travel advisories for Antigua and Barbuda, and Turks and Caicos ( CDC )
  • despite strict controls mosquitoes, Cuba has seen its first two cases of locally recruited Zika ( Reuters )
  • 33 US military is believed to have contracted Zika, including a pregnant woman ( Reuters )
  • When asked how he would fight the Zika virus, Donald Trump said governor Florida, Rick Scott is doing a “fantastic job” and “seems to have it under control” ( CNN )

the last of the Florida

  • pregnant women will receive free testing for Zika in the Departments of Health ( governor’s office )
  • is expected

  • FDA approval for the release of genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida Keys “anytime” says Oxitec ( Reuters )
  • CDC director Tom Frieden says Dr. warning Florida trip could last up to a year ( Washington Post )

Cher in Zika

not the first time Cher intervened in Zika emoji and caps lock. This time, she was political. ( Twitter )

today must read

  • researchers are trying to figure out why Brazil is so susceptible to birth defects resulting from Zika ( CNN )
  • Some airlines have changed their reimbursement policies after a travel warning Zika related to CDC ( the Hill )
  • to all that about 40,000 people in the US could have Zika infection have traveled abroad ( New Scientist )

Wednesday, August 3 Sort by

The big news at this time

  • the NIH has dosed its first human volunteer with an experimental vaccine Zika, only a week after Inovio the same milestone ( MIT Technology Review ) met
  • Relatively few women and girls in states that could see Zika outbreaks use effective contraception ( STAT )
  • the CDC is spending $ 16 million to a system monitoring to track the cases largely microcephaly US ( CDC )
  • New York plans to place larvicide in standing water along tracks of the New York City subway as a preventive strategy against Zika ( New York Post )

the last of the Florida

health officials in Florida are investigating an additional case of Zika infection unrelated to travel Miami-Dade, which may suggest the outbreak is spreading beyond the area of ​​Wynwood.

Miami plans to begin aerial spraying of mosquitoes in Wynwood, but it was delayed due to inclement weather today.

But the city is testing whether mosquitoes have become resistant to common insecticides.

And outdoor activities in the area of ​​Wynwood, including the class misnamed “The Bite Naked,” are moved or canceled altogether.

Meanwhile, in Rio

Zika received the cover treatment by the New Yorker this week. ( Twitter )

today required reading

  • A Zika vaccine can be further from what we believe ( Wall Street Journal )
  • pregnancy and worry about Chelsea Clinton Zika helped policies Hillary Clinton formed on the virus ( Politico )

Tuesday , August 2

the big news at this time

  • the CDC advises pregnant women to avoid Miami-Dade in Florida, where it is believed that local mosquitoes the Zika virus ( STAT )
  • passed US Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut wants congressional Republicans to call an emergency session to provide more funds for the Zika virus ( CBS Connecticut )
  • Theranos presented his blood test Zika, running on the test platform just released for the evaluation of the FDA ( STAT )
  • the government of Hong Kong offers its residents attending the event of the Olympic Games in Rio Zika her return as part of a clinical study ( Radiotelevisión )

update Utah

After a mysterious case of Zika found in Utah that may have been transmitted from a parent to a child, health officials went door to door to ask for blood tests near 100 people, according to the Deseret News . All results have been negative so far, however, and staff members of the CDC who were deployed to help Utah now have stopped. The authorities say their findings should be announced in early September.

today must read

  • Three reasons Puerto Rico is getting hammered by Zika ( Time )
  • What cities can learn from Zika controversy Key West ( CityLab )

Monday, August 1

The great novelty at this time

  • the UK government advises pregnant women to delay travel to Florida ( Guardian )
  • Two golfers that They jumped the Olympics because Zika now face the virus in his home state of Florida ( Telegraph )
  • Beenie Man

  • Reggae star says he was denied a visa to Canada, where he was scheduled to take out, due to Zika ( Rolling Stone )

on the lips of people

infection, “Vi 30 pregnant women today, so I had 30 Zika talks. ” – Dr. Christine Curry, an obstetrician gynecologist in Miami, in the wake of the first cases of local transmission of Zika there ( STAT )

Playing it safe

Darren Rovell trade ESPN tweeted this photo during the weekend of protection against mosquitoes of an athlete.

today must read

Saturdays and Sundays from July 30 to 31

The big news at this time

  • Zika cases are increasing in Puerto Rico, and health officials fear hundreds of babies may be born with severe brain defects ( STAT )
  • study suggests all strains of Zika virus are the same serotype, a finding that could help in the development of a vaccine against all strains ( NIAID )
  • senators Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio of Florida want Congress to reconvene to provide funds for anti-Zika efforts ( AP and press release )
  • OneBlood has begun testing all blood accumulates in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina by Zika virus ( press release )

today required reading

  • Many polls indicate Americans are not overly concerned about Zika, but news of local transmission of mosquitoes in Florida could change that ( Washington Post )
  • Now that the local transmission in the US Zika it is a reality, Congress and state and local governments, should take stronger action ( New York Times editorial )

Friday, July 29 [de19459007]

the big news at this time

  • Florida confirms that it is the first state to see the local Zika virus transmission ( STAT )
  • blood centers the FDA has asked two Florida counties to stop collections ( FDA )
  • Cayman Islands began the release of genetically modified mosquitoes to fight Zika, dengue and chikungunya ( Oxitec )
  • next month, New Zealand begin monitoring babies show signs of possible infection Zika, such as abnormalities the brain ( New Zealand Newswire )

book report

with remarkable speed, the first book of the mainstream of the current epidemic of Zika has been published, called “Zika :. The emerging epidemic “is” dense with information, “New York Times review says, but notes that, in such a rapid outbreak evolution, that information can quickly become out of date . An example: Since the book was in press on June 1, health officials have found that the virus can spread through -woman man sexually transmitted and which may even extend personality to person other ways .

required reading today

  • In the race to develop treatments for Zika, you may already have approved drugs that could work against the virus ( STAT )

Thursday, July 28 [de19459007]

The big news at this time

  • Two more cases of possible local transmission Zika have been reported in Florida, bringing the total of the State to four and heralding what could be the beginning of the first outbreak in the continental United States ( STAT )
  • miscarriage of a woman 31 years old may have been caused by Zika ( HealthDay News )
  • Paraguay reported its first two cases of microcephaly related Zika ( Reuters)
  • Florida Sen. Marco Rubio wrote a letter to President Obama urging him to distribute funds Zika limited existing ( letter )
  • the creators of the application “Yes to sex” faster they have created a specifically oriented athletes and spectators at the Olympic Games to encourage them to think through safe sex practices early (press release ) version

Security blood

Hawaii is set to begin testing all blood donations for the Zika virus from September, as a safeguard against possibly having to go the route Puerto Rico did and import its blood supply of the continental United States. other banks assorted local blood being tested for Zika, including some in Texas and Florida , although the FDA guidelines only blood centers listed ask people about their possible exposure Zika. However, the guidelines say that the areas of “active transmission” must undergo blood test or import -. That may soon mean that parts of Florida have to change their procedures blood

Branding bonanza

Not to be outdone by OFF! – The first Olympic official insect repellent – mosquito repellent organic adjustment announced that the US Olympic gymnast Jake Dalton will serve as its official brand ambassador. ( press release )

Wednesday, July 27 [de19459007]

The big news at this time

  • Honduras reported eight babies born with severe birth defects Zika, five of them in just the last week ( AP )
  • the CDC has added Caribbean island of Saba your travel warning Zika ( CDC )
  • trip has been ruled out as the cause of two cases of Zika infection probably acquired locally in Florida, but authorities are still investigating the possible transmission from person to person ( Miami Herald )
  • IBM has donated more resources to combat Zika, including giving Brazilian researchers have access to your software tracking travel and mining Twitter sentiment, and give UNICEF access software modeling time ( press release )

advance vaccine

a person who has been given the experimental vaccine Zika Inovio, the first principle of this type of testing in humans worldwide. The trial, which will involve 40 healthy adults, is designed simply to test the safety of the vaccine. It is expected that provisional results later this year. ( press release )

must-read today

  • Why so much about the Zika virus, including all the ways transmitted, they remain a mystery? ( Quartz )
  • all ways extremely foolish people are struggling Zika at the Olympic Games in Rio ( Smithsonian )

Tuesday, July 26 [de19459007]

the big news at this time

  • Colombia said Zika crisis in the country again, but other health experts said it could be just a drop of season ( STAT )
  • A baby born in Spain with microcephaly related Zika, the first in Europe ( the Guardian )
  • New CDC guidance urges doctors in the US to inquire about possible exposure Zika of pregnant women in each test ( AP )
  • A mathematical analysis indicates that less than 80 visitors out of the thousands who attend the Olympic Games will contract the Zika virus in Rio ( CNBC )

number of the day: 76

This is the number of days the Zika virus persisted in the semen of a man infected in a recent case. The long persistence was observed previously 62 days after the first symptoms. ( Emerging Infectious Diseases )

On the lips of people

“Cash donations have been slow. … Zika is the victim of a bad time coming on the heels of Ebola. There can be some donor fatigue. ” – Dr. Judith Monroe, president of the CDC Foundation ( US News & World Report )

today must read

  • Brazil asks whether acts only Zika cause birth defects ( Nature )
  • war untold Zika: the discovery of the work of the church and the role of government in the fight against the spread of Zika virus in El Salvador ( Newsy )

Monday, July 25 [de19459007]

The big news at this time

  • it is “unlikely” that Kate Middleton, prince William and prince Harry attend the Olympic Games in Rio, although Kensington palace denies it is due to Zika ( express )
  • the NIH is sponsoring studies to determine the effectiveness of nootkatone grapefruit is derived repel and kill mosquitoes ( press release )

Destination Zika

visitors to the Dominican Republic make up a large proportion of cases associated with travel in the US until now. Why? A analysis by Kaiser Health News points to the many Dominican immigrants in the US – It is the fifth largest Hispanic group – as well as the fact that when travelers visit family “tend to make longer visits and often stay in residential areas” that make tourists. Finally, it could also be the case that Dominican Americans are more aware of the virus and are looking for more evidence, according to the Department of Health of the City of New York.

Model preparation

football goalkeeper

women of the United States, Hope Solo took to Twitter to show their Zika-protective gear.

today must read

  • scientist assigned risk US Zika now working on the implementation of consciousness ( Women’s e-News )

Saturdays and Sundays from July 23-24

The big news at this time

on the lips of people

“the virus is flowing through Miami International Airport every day. There are thousands and thousands of people coming back in our area countries that may be affected, which can not be “-. Chalmers Vasquez, head of mosquito control Miami ( NPR )

Lingo know

Bti : A larvicide Puerto Rico plans use instead of the insecticide naled recommended by the CDC. BTI, Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis acronym is a natural soil bacterium that kills mosquito larvae when they eat their spores.

must-read today

  • With more than 7,500 cases of Zika in the region Cape Verde in recent months, should pay more attention to the epidemic in Africa ( the Lancet)
  • This year is the Zika virus. But what happens next year? ( Milwaukee Journal Sentinel )

Friday, July 22 [de19459007]

The big news at this time

  • A second possible case of local infection Zika in the continental United States has been reported ( STAT )
  • No mosquitoes trapped in Miami -Dade however, have tested positive for the virus ( Miami Herald )
  • the Zika virus has been found in the Culex mosquito, which is much more widespread than the Aedes species, although it is unclear whether it can transmit the virus to people ( Washington Post )
  • Beginning August 1, the CDC will begin distributing $ 60 million in funds Zika to states, territories, and local authorities ( CDC )
  • princess Charlene of Monaco will not be in Rio to watch the Olympics because of concerns Zika ( people )

Whiff of desperation

following a Editorial in which he assured that the Olympic Games visitors would be safe, the Minister of Health of Brazil, Ricardo Barros has now been sent personal performance elite athletes urging them to come to the Olympics cards. The letters were 10 athletes, including Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, who are currently planning to attend, and Jordan Spieth and Marc Leishman, who have said they will not. ( Bloomberg )

deceptive screen

In stores marketing to draw people to prevention products Zika is a good idea in theory -. Except when used to fill the shelves with allergy


must today reading

  • No, you can not take Zika water containing drinking virus, and other myths Zika discredited ( culture travel )

Thursday, July 21 [de19459007]

the big news at this time

  • the CDC can give Florida an additional $ 5.6 million in funding to help determine whether a case reported earlier this week is the first case of Zika infection by a mosquito in the continental United States ( White House )
  • San Diego biotechnology JAJ International is trying to get approval from Brazilian regulators for diagnostic test Zika virus ( San Diego Union-Tribune )
  • the FDA granted authorization to use emergency test virus Zika Eurofins Scientific ( GenomeWeb )



“Suspending a chicken on his bed could protect against Zika virus and malaria,” says the head of the Telegraph . The scientists isolated the odor molecules from chicken feathers and put them near a mosquito trap, and found that insects avoid around. But most important of the study was Anopheles mosquitoes arabiensis, a completely different genre to those worn Zika. So while it might work against malaria, not having the chicken Zika protection.

today must read

  • has launched an application for smartphones that allow authorities to monitor possible symptoms Zika among visitors The Ministry of Health of Brazil and residents of Rio during the Olympic Games ( Huffington Post )
  • There is a higher risk of getting the flu at the Olympic Games in Rio de of getting the Zika virus ( Vox )

Wednesday, July 20 [de19459007]

The big news at this time

  • Florida may have registered the first case of Zika purchased locally in the continental United States ( STAT )
  • the devastating earthquake April in Ecuador has resulted in increased twelve times in the number of cases in the country Zika ( UNICEF )
  • at the Republican National Convention last night, Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell blamed Democrats for the one in the Dr.

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